Moby Golf @ Golf Kingdom

Moby Golf @ Golf Kingdom

Every time we drive along the A12, and see the striking Moby Golf course with a waterfall, pirate ship and huge whale, my children always ask to go!

During the October half term, I decided to take my 5 year old daughter, 3 year old son and 14 year old nephew as a surprise! Driving along the A12, they spotted the Moby golf course and immediately asked to visit. As we drove along closer to it, they asked where we were going and they were full of excitement as we entered the car park!

Running down the path towards the Moby golf, they couldn’t contain their delight were jumping up and down in the queue to pay for our tickets.

Once we began the golf course, we saw simply how well designed it was, with the clever hole within the 9ft mouth of the whale, the pirate ship golf hole and my most favourite golf hole that takes the ball into the water and back out towards the hole.

My children spent on the most time on this hole, hitting the ball into the water and waiting for it to reappear from the other side! My nephew Niam, was fascinated in discovering what the next ingenious golf hole had to offer.

The palm trees, waterfall and lake help to create a wonderful atmosphere. My daughter Isha took to golf like a duck to water, eager to move to the next challenge. My son Jai needed more guidance but loved the thrill when he finally managed to get the ball into the hole!

It took us just under an hour to get around the 18 holes which was enough time to hold the attention of my young children! We finished our afternoon with a visit to the Golf Kingdom Coffee Bar with some hot chocolate for myself and refreshing ice lollies for the children and a debate about which was the best golf hole!

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