Marbling Madness

Marbling Madness – out of this world!
Family learning workshops @ Havering adult college

Do you remember doing marbling at school? I had a vague recollection of making some fun patterns but my daughter thought we were off to play with marbles -a reasonable interpretation from a 5 year old!

The workshop began with a demo from our teacher Kirsten who took some thick liquid, put it in a container and began to drop a range of coloured paints into the liquid with a pippet.

After a few minutes of not understand the fascination, we began to see amazing patterns being created, manipulated simply by using a toothpick and new patterns being formed.

Kirsten then took some fabric and carefully lined it at the top of the container, just touching the liquid. After gently removing it, the result was a beautiful pattern printed and embedded within this fabric.

Eager to begin, Isha started to select the different paint colours she wanted and we set ourselves up to start creating patterns. With both mother and daughter being quite heavy handed, we had to spend some time teaching ourselves to be gentle with the pippet and allowing only one drop of paint to fall in at a time! – this helps to form more intricate patterns.

Isha created her first amazing print – an amazing array of purples, blues, yellows and black. It printed well on fabric, created a striking pattern.

After this, we were both engrossed, adding different paint colours, swirling them around to create new shapes, which we printed onto fabric, and even creating a print pattern onto a small purse!

Isha announced which of her grandparents would be the lucky recipients of each of her designs whilst adorning her fairy wings from the morning session! It was a truly enjoyable experience for the both of us.

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