Fairies & Witches costume decorating!

Fairies & Witches – Family learning workshops @ Havering adult college

Not knowing what to really expect from this Fairies and Witches workshop, we went along in the morning and were dazzled by the front table filled with an array of amazing colours – made up of glitter, sequins, paints, beads, pom poms and feathers.

I could see they excitement in Isha’s eyes and being a fan of all things creative myself, I must admit I was just as excited as my five year old daughter!

We were given a demo by our teacher Kirsten who showed us some clever techniques using fabric paints and asked the children to think about what they want their costumes to look like – opening up their eyes to a range of possible creations they could make.

Being a girly girl, Isha chose to decorate the fairy wings over the witches hat. With some very useful direction from Kirsten, we used the fabric paints to begin our sparkly creation!

Isha took the lead and enjoyed telling me what we should do next to our fairy creation! We spent a very enjoyable two hours moving from paint to glitter pens, sequins, pom poms and finished off with a scatter of pink and silver glitter!

The end result was some lovely mother and daughter bonding, my daughter hugging me intermittently to tell me how much fun she was having (priceless!) and of course a pair of very sparkly glitter wings!

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