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Havering Catering Services London Borough of Havering Learning & Achievement, Town Hall, Room CG12 Main Road, Romford, RM1 3BB
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Catering excellence, dedicated to schools

HES Catering Services formally (HCS) is the In-House service provider for the London Borough of Havering.

We are extremely proud in supplying a wide range of high quality catering services to the majority of schools within the borough. We also have partnerships with other schools outside of Havering and offer bespoke solutions and assistance to individual schools and businesses which have their own In-House catering teams.

At HES Catering Services we pride ourselves on “Feeding the Future”. We are passionate about providing our customers with a healthy meal, which helps provide them with the nutrients to give them enough “fuel” to cope with their daily school lives.

Educating our pupils with about a healthy balanced lifestyle, teaching them to make the right food choices, which they can take further into their adult lives.

We are proud to have attained the Food for Life Silver Award for the last three years and look to maintain this achievement for further years to come. To achieve this award, it requires us to produce 75% homemade dishes, including ingredients that are organic, free range, fair-trade and Red Tractor etc.

Commitment to high quality ingredients enables us to work closely with our suppliers ensuring the ingredients we use in our dishes are fresh, locally sourced, and sustainable.

We are proud to support the Kids Activity Expo.